KyoMan's Home Page !

The pic is on KyoMan , good looking isnt he ?

Hmmm he is working as system administrator,u want to know more about his work ?

Work Sucks ! 


Links to some stuff i work with !

Computer related companys ! 

 Windows NT resources ! 


Hmm r u looking for something special?

Huh ? then go and look for it ! 


Links to some friends of mine !

_ob1_ , U wanna see what a hacker look like ? Australia 

 [vader] "the NERD" ! Denmark 

 PurpleHex, another freak from Denmark  

Nickj, a Jaguar freak without driver licens ,Norway  

Stew ,hmmm dont really know what to say about him ? USA  

If u want to talk with me u probably find me on IRC in channel #WindowsNT !! :)
Any prob:s, please email me at
 and i will take care of it ,
or maybe i will not !